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Having birds as pets can be absolutely delightful with all the colors and chirps that they bring into your life. Finding the right bird is crucial to having a long and happy relationship with your pet. Discover a world of feathered wonders at our exquisite bird shops in Mohali and Chandigarh! Step into a realm of vibrant plumage and melodious chirps, where nature’s artwork comes to life. Our shops are a paradise for avian enthusiasts, offering an extensive array of exotic birds, from the majestic Macaws to the charming Canaries. Immerse yourself in a symphony of colors and personalities, with knowledgeable staff to guide you in choosing the perfect feathered companion. Whether you seek a loyal friend or a captivating spectacle, our bird shops in Mohali and Chandigarh are your gateway to avian elegance and enchantment. Fly into our stores today!


Australian Budgerigar

These are really cheerful and friendly birds which are perfect for your first feathered friend. Make sure you get a naturally-shaped perch inside the cage which is beneficial to the bird's feet. The birds tend to become overweight so do not feed it too much of seeds and millets. Spinach, arugula, apples, and oranges are safe foods for them.


African Lovebird

These cuties are energetic, curious, and absolutely charming pets to have. The birds need specialized pellets, fresh veggies, fruits, and a bit of fortified seeds. Make sure to keep them away from high fat or sugar. For lovebirds, never keep food under the perch as the birds will end up throwing the droppings there. Keep the cage away from floors and in a well-lit area.



Macaws, with their vivid colors and exuberant personalities, are the types of pet birds that you will be glad to have. The first and foremost requirement is a stainless steel cage that is as large as you can get. Make pellets consist of half of their diets, seeds ten percent, and the rest vegetables, fruits, and grains.


African grey

These are foremost of the exotic pets all thanks to their striking hue. The best things to feed an African Grey Parrot would be pellets, with vegetables and fruits. Lettuce, avocado, and apple seeds are an absolute no-no for the bird. Cover the cage with a sheet at night to reduce their visual stress and never leave spoilt food in the cage.



Cockatiels are smaller than Cockatoos, but since they belong to the same species, they mostly have the same care and feeding routine. These birds consume everything from cooked beans to fruits but make sure you have separate cages for wet and dry food. Place plenty of perches and chew toys in the cage to keep the birds cheerful.



These are the birds that do best as pets rather than in the wild. Get these chirpy feathered friends a cage with 1/2" of bar spacing that allows them to fly. Scrape wood perches to make it easier to grip for the birds. Good quality seeds form the mainstay of the bird’s diet.


Sun conure






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