Beautiful wet pets!

Fish are an awesome choice for keeping as a pet. 
This is because of many reasons

  1. They do not cause allergies
  2. Relatively inexpensive
  3. Maintenance is not difficult…you need not take them for walks etc.
  4. They can be kept in a small corner of any room
  5. They are relaxing to watch especially when you are sad or not in a good mood.
  6. And can attract guests no end while starting conversations.

No wonder Fish keeping as a hobby has gained so much popularity.  We find them in Offices, hotel lobbies, homes even in waiting rooms of hospitals and clinics.

Interested? Read on to bring these special creatures of God into your lives…..


American cichlids


African cichlids


Planted Aquarium fishes








many others

Types of aquarium fish

Aquarium fishes can be divided into three categories –

  • Cold Water Fish
  • Tropical Fish
  • Marine Fish

Marine fish require salt water and maintain them is difficult as the saline levels of water need to be maintained. Freshwater fishes can be maintained even with tap water while Marine fishes need sea salt additions very frequently.

Why are Tropical Fish best for home aquariums?

Freshwater fish such as cold fish and tropical fish are best for pet keeping.  But Cold fish may not survive in harsh winters when the rooms are warmed by heaters.

Tropical fish are a popular choice for fish hobbyists also called aquarists as they come in vibrant colors due to the presence of pigmented and iridescent cells in their bodies. They also have attractive long fins and tails and pleasing to look at.

Tropical fish need to be kept in heated aquariums.  African and South American Cichlids, puffer fish, catfish and Rainbowfish are some type of tropical fish.

How to set up a Fish tank(aquarium) at home

  1. Decide the size and type

First, decide on the size of the tank you wish to buy.  Choose if you want an Acrylic or Glass aquarium.

While buying a Freshwater fish aquarium it is better to buy planted aquariums.

You may need to buy aquarium plants such as Anubias, ferns, stem plants, moss, hair grass and some other plants cut it to size and install inside the tank.  It is a lot of work plus you will need the guidance of an expert to tell you how to do the installation.  Hence buying already planted aquariums and maintaining it would be a better idea to start with.

  1. Placement

Place tropical fish aquariums in noise-free areas – away from Washing machine, TV, windows or Radiators.  Keep them in stable places so that they do not move away and break.

  1. Purchase of accessories

The accessories you would require to keep tropical fish at home are a heater, Siphon, substrate/gravel, lighting gadgets, fish food, testing kit for checking ammonia, nitrate contents, Algae scraper, and a stand for the fish tank and decorations which is optional.

  1. Installation and setup

Install planted aquariums as advised by your seller and make thermometer adjustments. Test pH and other water conditions.  Let the set run for 2 days after which you can introduce fish to the fish tank.   Fish has to be added in ones and twos and fed sparingly for best results.