A friend to ride on!

Horses symbolize speed and freedom.  Man domesticated them some 5000 years ago for company, warfare, livelihood and sport.  Owning one is a gratifying experience since they can remain your friend for a long-long time.

Horse riding

Horse riding was the most popular means of transport before the advent of vehicles.  People, who could afford one, travelled long distances on horses. Now it is a popular means of recreation in form of racing or riding.Horse riding is an isometric exercise as it helps work out certain in the process of balancing. It helps you work your back, abdominal and pelvic muscles. It improves quick thinking because; you control an animal that has its mind of its own. You learn to adjust your muscles according to the horse’s movement. Your focusing capability increases as you are concentrating on moving forward while balancing on a horse’s back. Even physically and mentally disabled children are known to benefit from riding placid natured horses

Horses as thoroughbreds

Thoroughbreds are horses used for racing.  These slim athletic horses are preferred for the sport because of their boldness, stamina, speed and racing spirit. 


A beautiful Thoroughbred

The present day ones originated in England crossbreeding from English mares and Orient Stallions.

Thoroughbreds can run at a maximum speed of the 40 miles per hour  They are not good for riding, but are sometimes used for show jumping, polo, dressage and hunting.

Horses as pet

You can also keep horses as pets. Horses are unique and exclusive animals.  If you are an outdoor person and want to keep fit and active, then horses are the best pets you can have.

 There are many advantages of keeping horses as pets

  1. Health benefits

If you own a horse, rest assure of good exercise and active lifestyle.  You can ride your horse and go long distances exploring explore nature all by yourself.

  1. Life span

Horses have a longer life span as compared to other pet animals.  They live to a ripe age of 30 years.  So if your kids are rewarded a pony in their childhood, they can enjoy its company until their early middle age.

  1. Maintenance not very difficult

Maintaining a horse is economical as compared to some pets that need special facilities, grooming and food.  The basic requirements are shelter, bedding and proper nutrition facilities.

  1. Playful and social

Each horse has a special nature. They can be    

  • Animated
  • Placid
  • Playful
  • Patient
  • Depressed
  • Intelligent enough to understand communication from you.

Most horses are playful and bond very well with humans.  A great friend, a horse can understand also become emotionally attached to you.  They also bond with children easily. 

  1. Educative

You can learn so many things when raising a horse. Training a horse is a creative challenge in itself that you learn by experience and skill building.  

Horses retain their wild nature even after domestication.  There is a need to be containing their wild streak and you learn many lessons while doing so.  They make you humble when you fall and did not ride well. They also boost your confidence in yourself when you manage to rein them better.

  1. Social

Horse owners form communities and clubs to share interest and experience. 

  • You can socialize with these nation-wide clubs and communities by participating in horse shows and races or sharing horse grooming notes.

How to plan for keeping horses as pets

You can bring a horse as pet after arranging for the following

  • Area for stable and bedding for the horse
  • Advice and ideas from existing horse owners as to its maintenance
  • Finance for buying a healthy  horse breed
  • Vet nearby to handle if horses are sick

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