Which Parrot Breed Should I Buy?

If you’re considering bringing home a parrot, one of the most important decisions is which parrot breed you should choose. With over 350 parrot species ranging greatly in size, noise level, and temperament, it’s crucial to select the breed that will thrive in your home environment. This article explores popular pet parrot species to help you determine which feathered friend fits your lifestyle.

Key Considerations When Choosing a Parrot

Before deciding which parrot breed to buy, reflect on these key considerations:

Noise level – Some parrots are far noisier than others. If you have close neighbors, quieter parrots like cockatiels may be better suited than loud species like macaws.

Size – Parrots range from small parrotlets under 5 inches to large hyacinth macaws over 3 feet long. Make sure you have adequate housing for the parrot’s full adult size.

Lifespan – Common parrots can live 30-70 years. Are you ready for a lifelong commitment to proper care?

Temperament – Parrot personalities range from cuddly to independent. Understand a breed’s typical temperament to find the best match.

Care difficulty – Some parrot species have more specialized care needs than others. Be honest about the time you can dedicate to training and care.

By reflecting on factors like these, you can narrow your options to parrot breeds suitable for your lifestyle.

Popular Pet Parrot Species

Here is an overview of some of the most common Pet Parrot Species and their notable attributes:


Budgies are one of the most popular parrots due to their small size, quiet nature, and low cost. They have delightful chirping voices and come in a rainbow of color mutations. Budgies are social and energetic with a lifespan around 10 years.


Cockatiels are another favorite small parrot known for their whistles, cute crests, and affectionate personalities. They are usually quieter and less destructive than larger parrots. Cockatiels live 15-20 years with proper care.

African Greys

The exceptionally intelligent African grey parrot is a sought after pet known for its ability to mimic speech and sounds. They require lots of mental stimulation and training but form close bonds with owners. African greys live 40-60 years.


Conures are medium-sized parrots that are often described as “clowns” due to their playful nature. Most conure species are excellent talkers and can learn tricks readily. Their average lifespan is 15-30 years.


In the medium-large parrot range, Amazon parrots are popular for their intelligence, ability to talk, and outgoing personalities. However, their larger beaks can make them more prone to biting. Amazons live 40-60 years.


Macaws are among the largest parrot species, requiring ample space and specialized care. They are incredibly intelligent and social but quite loud. With appropriate training and enrichment however, macaws make wonderfully engaging companions. Macaws can exceed 50 years old.

The Popularity of Macaws in India

Of all the parrot species kept as pets in India, macaws stand out as a particularly popular choice. So what accounts for macaws being one of the most sought after parrot breeds among Indian bird owners?

Firstly, macaws draw admiration for their sheer size and commanding presence. Their bright plumage in hues like scarlet, blue and gold is also visually striking. Macaws are sure to grab attention as impressive specimens of the parrot family.

Secondly, while macaws are Large Birds, they can become extremely affectionate, playful and bond closely with their owners when properly trained and socialized. Despite their size, they love being handled once accustomed to their owners. A tame macaw essentially behaves like an oversized parakeet that craves interaction.

Thirdly, macaws are among the most gifted mimics in the parrot world. They can readily learn words, songs, and sounds which delights many owners. Even with their loud voices, Indian bird keepers are drawn to macaws for their talking abilities.

Finally, macaws simply capture the imagination of parrot enthusiasts with their grandeur, longevity, intelligence, and human-like characteristics. For Indians seeking a parrot companion that is extraordinary in every way, macaws fit the bill and help explain their popularity in the country.

Key Takeaways

When bringing home your first parrot, carefully selecting the right breed for your environment and lifestyle is crucial to a lasting human-bird bond. Do plenty of research on noise levels, size, care requirements, temperaments, and longevity for species you are considering. Choosing the best suited parrot breed from the start leads to many happy years of parrot companionship.

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