snugly small friends!

Do you live in an apartment and still want a pet?

Then Rabbits, Guinea Pig and Hamsters are the best options for you.  They are lovable, cuddly, come in myriad colors and get along with your kids well.



Rabbits make great house pets. They may weigh from 1 kg to 3 kgs. They are cute, adorable and get along very well with children. They can stay indoors even in small apartments. Rabbit colors are steel gray, black, chocolate, brown gray and yellow.

guinnea Pig

Guinea Pigs are mall rodents from South America. They can weigh anywhere from 900 grams to 1.2 kg. They are easy to care. Like rabbits they can be placed in cages.


Hamsters sleep all through the day. They prefer to be alone except for procreation. Adult hamsters grow up to 6 inches in height. They are friendly and require less care. They really like exercise wheels and on can be kept in their cage. Their diet should include a combination of seeds, veggies, fruit sticks and hay.

Rabbit vs Guinea pig vs Hamster

If you want to decide on which small pet is best for your kids read on….Hamsters are the smallest of the three.  Both Hamsters and Guinea Pigs belong to the rodent family while Rabbits are mammals.  

Rabbits are active at dawn and dusk and sleep at all the remaining hours.  Hamsters are active at night. Guinea pigs sleep most of the time. All the three animals require chewy stuff to eat and to keep their teeth in shape.  Diet requirements of all the three cute ones should include raw food, vegetables, fruits and hay (fiber).  Hamsters are omnivores; some amount of meat can also be given.

All the three require roomy space of a cage indoors.  Rabbits are the bouncy and may hop off or borrow away if left outdoors.  Guinea pigs may not tolerate cold weathers and hence never keep them outdoors for longer periods. 

Brushing their coats everyday will keep them clean and healthy. Rabbits are more likely to get sick as compared to the other two pets. Regular visits to the vet are necessary for all the three. 

Guinea pigs are the most social small pets.  They enjoy your company and also company of other small pets like rabbits.